The best beaches in Valencia. Hispania, escuela de español

The 20 best beaches in Valencia and its surroundings. They will fall in love with you!

In the beautiful province of Valencia, in the east coast of spain, there are some of the most captivating beaches of all country.

If you are a lover of the sun, the sea and nature, get ready to discover The 20 best beaches in Valencia and its surroundings.

Each of these beaches has its own charm and we assure you that you will not be able to resist its irresistible beauty.

The costas valencianas They stretch along kilometers of the Mediterranean coastline, offering a wide variety of options for all tastes.

Valencia has beaches of all kinds, Whether you are looking for a quiet and beautiful place to relax or you prefer to enjoy a lively beach with tourist activities and beach bars.

Furthermore, the state of the beaches of Valencia in general it is magnificent, they are all very accessible, safe and clean.

Do you want to know what these are? 20 beaches to visit this summer?

Well, let's go there!


Malvarrosa Beach


If you are in Valencia for a few days and do not know which beach to go to in Valencia, we recommend that you choose the Malvarrosa beach.

Among the best beaches in the capital Valencia, this is the most famous.

Due to its proximity to the city, Malvarrosa beach attracts thousands of people every day.

With a extension of more than a kilometer With fine golden sand, this beach offers a lively and vibrant atmosphere that attracts both locals and tourists.

Would you like to eat in some restaurants on this beach in Valencia? 

On the Malvarrosa seafront there are some of the best restaurants serving authentic Valencian gastronomy.ianwith delicious paellas or seafood.

In addition, you will also find many play areas, such as beach volleyball nets, goals in the sand or a park with bars to do calisthenics.

Malvarrosa beach in Valencia captures the fun-filled Mediterranean spirit, and will surely charm you with its beachy charm.


Patacona beach in Valencia


This is another of the Valencia beaches More popular.

If you walk about 15 minutes north along the Malvarrosa beach, you will see that the beach changes a lot.

In fact, from this notorious change the beach receives another name: Patacona beach.

Unlike other more crowded beaches, La Patacona offers a more familiar and serene, making it a popular destination for those seeking an escape from the bustling city.

The waters of La Patacona are crystal clear and are usually calm, which makes them ideal for swimming or practicing water sports such as paddle surf or kayak.

It also has a wide promenade, perfect for long walks by the sea or to enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea.


Saler Beach. Hispania, escuela de español


El Saler beach in Valencia


The beach of El Saler It is an authentic natural paradise located in the Albufera Natural Park, considered as one of the the best beaches in Valencia capital.

It is recognized for its wild and virgin environment with a long extension of approximately 5 kilometers.

What makes this valencia beach El Saler be unique is your preserved natural environment.

It is surrounded by sand dunes, pine forests and marshes, creating a spectacular and serene landscape.

In addition, the beach is in a privileged location, right next to the Albufera beach in Valencia, an important wetland and bird reserve that provides an impressive backdrop.

Being in a protected natural environment, there are not a large number of restaurants or shops in the immediate vicinity.

If you are looking for a quiet beach and wild aspect, El Saler beach will enchant you.

You can access it by car or by bus, with lines 24 or 25.


Xeraco beach


La Xeraco beach It is located in the town that bears the same name, very close to Gandía.

This beach is distinguished by its natural environment and its scenic beauty. It is surrounded by a landscape of dunes, pine forests and Mediterranean vegetation.

This beach is ideal both for those looking to relax and enjoy the sun as well as for sports enthusiasts. watersports.

Many water activities and beach sports are organized on this beach, providing opportunities to have fun and stay active during your visit.

Likewise, in the surroundings of the Xeraco beach you can find restaurants and beach bars They offer a delicious variety of typical Mediterranean dishes, including fresh fish and shellfish.


Devesa beach in Valencia


La Devesa beach It is located between the area of ​​El Saler and El Perellonet.

Being close to El Saler beach, it is quite similar. It also looks very natural and wild. It is surrounded by dunes and does not usually have many people.

It is one of the quiet beaches of Valencia More popular.

One of the most interesting things you can do on this beach is explore the nature trails that meander along the dunes and discover the rich biodiversity of the area, which includes a great variety of birds and native flora.

La Devesa beach is the perfect destination to enjoy the serenity and peace which offers the Valencia coast.

By the way, do you know What is the name of the coast of Valencia??

Is called «Costa Blanca.».


Port Saplaya. Hispania, escuela de español


Port Saplaya Beach


Port Saplaya, Also known as «little venice» from Valencia, is a charming marina and tourist complex located a few kilometers north of the city of Valencia.

This picturesque place is distinguished by its pastel colored houses, flowery balconies and canals that meander through the complex, creating a unique atmosphere.

The Mediterranean architecture of Port Saplaya is inspired by the Italian seaside townsianos, which gives it a special charm.

Walking through its cobblestone streets and enjoying the view of the boats anchored in the canals is a truly picturesque experience.

La Port Saplaya beach It perfectly complements the relaxed atmosphere of the complex.

It is an ideal place to sunbathe, take a refreshing swim in the Mediterranean Sea or enjoy water activities such as surfing or kayaking.


Perello beach


In the towns of Valencia there are beaches wonderful.

La Perello beach, located in the town of El Perelló, is a charming coastal corner that combines natural beauty and a relaxed atmosphere.

This captivatingly beautiful beach with sandy dunes milenarias, has preserved its original charm and it has not been overcrowded.

Visitors seek a different kind of tourism, sharing the sand with locals and Spanish tourists.

The area is well equipped with services and offers waters crystal clear in Valencia and golden sand, perfect for children to play.

Nearby restaurants offer local delicacies that cannot be resisted. Although it lacks a promenade, the old part of the town impresses y fall in love to all who discover it.


Las Arenas or Cabañal Beach


If you visit the charming fishing district de El Cabañal, you cannot miss the beautiful Las Arenas beach From Valencia. It is also known as the El beach Cabanyal of Valencia.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful Valencian beaches.

This sandy beach in Valencia not only a point of cultural reference, but also immerses you in the authentic maritime life and the rich culture of the city.

Las Arenas is an earthly paradise in summer. Located right next to the Docklands, on this beach there is a lot of life for several reasons

Do you want to have a drink somewhere? beach bar on this beach in Valencia?

This is your site. The large number of beach bars, restaurants, breweries and ice cream parlors on its promenade create a summery and playful environment that in few beaches you will find.

Furthermore, the Las Arenas beach in Valencia offers activities such as volleyball and live music.

Another thing you can do is wander around the neighborhood of El Cabañal.

It will captivate you with its beautiful facades and ceramic tiles. Do not forget to visit the markets and the Fish slice, that will give you an authentic Valencian experienceiana.


San Antonio de Cullera beach. Hispania, escuela de españolImage from Shutterstock


San Antonio Beach (Cullera)


We continue with more towns of Valencia with beaches.

Cullera It is one of the most beautiful towns in the Valencian Community.iana.

In this old beach and mountain location, you will find incredible beaches where you can relax and sunbathe. The san antonio beach is one of them.

It has become one of the best beaches in the Valencian Communityiana.

If you are looking to stay in Valencia hotels on the beach, San Antonio beach is surrounded by high quality hotels and residential buildings.

There is also a lively promenade, this beach of fine golden sand has been awarded the Blue Flag, making it the perfect place to enjoy a carefree day at the beach.

The blue flags They are a symbol that marks that this beach is of high quality, due to its waters, sand or services.


Recati Beach (Perellonet)


La recati beach, located in Perellonet, is a quiet refuge with almost 3 kilometers of coastline.

Surrounded by the Gola del Perellonet and the Gola del Perellò, it offers a beautiful golden sand beach without the tourist crowd.

Although it does not have organized facilities, it does provide public toilets and showers, as well as access for people with limited mobility.ianyou wooden walkways.

This beach is an extension of Devesa del Saler and is bounded by the El Perellonet beach in Valencia y picturesque rice paddies that create a beautiful and very special landscape.

Lovers of water sports, such as kitesurfing, will find an ideal place here.

In addition, the area is home to charming restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Valencian gastronomy.iana.


El Puig de Santa beach María


El Puig beach, located 4 km from the city, is perfect for calm but also for surf addicts.

Being far from the urban center, there are far fewer bathers than on the more touristy beaches such as La Malvarrosa or Las Arenas.

On the other hand, due to its low presence of people and frequent strong waves, this beach is one of the favorites for surfers.

If you come to this beach, take the opportunity to visit the beautiful town of El Puig.

Here is the Monastery of Santa Maria de El Puig, from the year 1237 and declared a National Historical Monument.


Canet beach. Hispania, escuela de español


Racó de Mar Beach (Canet de Berenguer)


Among the latests Moravia's compositions best beaches near Valencia, one of the most characteristic is the Raco de Mar beach in the town of Canet.

If you see photos of Valencia beaches, you will see that Racó de Mar beach is an urban beach that receives many tourists, but at the same time it has wide sand dunes that create a vast natural landscape.

Its waters are usually clean and crystalline. For this reason, this beach has been waving the Blue flag, high quality signal.

Canet d'En Berenguer beach offers a wide range of services that guarantee comfort and safety.

It has a medical and rescue station, as well as two watchtowers that allow lifeguards to have excellent visibility. 

In addition, near the beach there is a Leisure port, sports port which offers activities such as kayaking, dinghy sailing, windsurfing and more.


Canopy Beach (Cullera)


In this Valencia beaches map, you can not miss the Canopy beach.

La canopy beach It is distinguished by its impressive natural beauty, highlighting its extensive system of dunes, which is one of the most emblematic of the Valencian Community.ianDue to its length, width and variety of flora

The Canopy beach in Cullera is a haven of tranquility with a minimal urbanization, allowing the natural environment to recover its splendor.

As for its location, the Canopy beach is located to the north of Cullera, bordering on the north with the Mareny de Sant Llorenç beach and on the south with the cape of Cullera.

It has a length of 1800 meters and an average width of 50 meters. Nearby, you can find cafeteria services, restaurants and a picnic area.


L'Arbre del Gos Beach


L'Arbre del Gos It is a virgin, wild and rustic-looking beach.

It is another of the Albufera beaches.

With a extension of more than 2,6 kilometers, from the Paseo Marítimo to Creu del Saler, stands out for its charming pedestrian promenade, which includes a bike path, ideal for long walks on the sands and among the low vegetation.

The scent of aromatic flowers scattered across the landscape is simply irresistible.

L'Arbre del Gos has excellent bathing facilities, where you can rent parasols and sun loungers. 

The area is completely organized, which provides the opportunity to enjoy a day of tranquility and freedom a few kilometers from the center of Valencia.


Newfoundland Beach (Olive)


La newfoundland beach belongs to the municipality of Olive, approximately one hour from Valencia.

The most curious thing about this beach is that it is surrounded by orchards, fields of orange trees and rice paddies. 

This beach is also home to a fresh water spring with different species of birds and fish called the tour o the clotal.

The best time to enjoy this beach is undoubtedly at sunset.

A walk along the shore to the Espigón del port at this time is an experience that will remain in your memory.


L'Ahuir beach in Gandía. Hispania, escuela de español


Playa de l'Ahuir (Gandia)


The beach of L'Ahuir is one of beaches near Valencia more interesting.

This Gandia beach in ValenciaIs a secluded and peaceful beach, easily accessible and with ample parking. 

If the wind conditions are favourable, we will be able to admire surfers and windsurfers delighting in the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. 

It is important to note that L'Ahuir is known for being a Nudist beach, where this modality is practiced with total freedom.

The dunes are the undisputed protagonists of this place, and we will be able to appreciate interesting sectors in the process of regeneration.

In addition, they have built beautiful wooden walkways on the dunes, which gives the environment a natural and distinctive appearance compared to other places in the area.


Pinedo Beach


La Pinedo beach in Valencia stands out as one of the coastal jewelry most dazzling within the beaches of Valencia city.

Its soft golden sands and its clear blue sea make it a real delight for those looking to enjoy the sun and the sea.

In this beach in Valencia you can comfortably rent your parasol and sun lounger, and take advantage of the spa facilities that ensure a pleasant and memorable stay.

In addition, when the sun is at its most intense, you can always take refuge in the many nearby restaurants and bars, where you can savor the best of the local culinary tradition.

Despite being more than a kilometer and a half long, Pinedo beach does not exceed 32 meters wide, but every minute you spend here will be worth it. It is located south of the prestigious Royal Sailing Club of Valencia.

Pinedo, in its roots, was a village of farmers and fishermen, but in recent decades it has become an outstanding seaside resort in the region. And the credit goes to its crystalline and celestial sea! 

To the south of the beach is the Turia River, whose course will take you to a series of impressive rice fields, worthy of being captured in photographs.


Torre Santa Elvira beach. Hispania, escuela de españolImage from Shutterstock


Torre Santa Elvira beach


La Santa Elvira-La Torreta beach is located in the Puzol beach in Valencia.

It is curious, since it is a stone beach in Valencia and sand at the same time.

It offers a unique and charming landscape thanks to the succession of stone groynes that form small coves and act as a barrier to the waves, creating calm waters ideal to enjoy in the company of children.

On this beach you will find one of the best coves in Valencia.

With a length of 750 meters and an approximate width of 70 meters, this semi-urban beach is made up of sand, pebbles and gravel, surrounded by an orchard environment.

It has all the necessary services to provide a comfortable experience for bathers, such as lifeguards during the summer season, footbaths, litter bins, toilets, and a parking area.

Accessing the beach of Santa Elvira-La Torreta is easy, either on foot, by bus or by car.


North Beach of Gandia


The North Beach of Gandía It stands out especially for being one of the few beaches that has continuously received the prestigious Blue flag for over 30 years.

Over 3 kilometers long, this beach offers a wide range of high quality services. These include accessible walkways, showers, rental of umbrellas and loungers, beach bars, rental of skates... 

In addition, it has three bathroom areas adapted for people with reduced mobility and offers free Wi-Fi service thanks to the collaboration with Turisme Comunitat Valenciana.

It is the ideal place to enjoy a privileged landscape, either taking a leisurely walk or playing sports such as running, skating or biking along its bike path.


Els Peixets Beach (Alboraya)


On our last beach in the ranking of the 20 the best Valencia beaches, we have the Els Peixets beach.

Very few people know about this beach, and herein lies its charm.

If you are looking for an beaches near Valencia with few peopleYou will love Els Peixets.

If you wish to tranquility, in this beautiful Alboraya beach in Valencia you will find it

On this sandy beach you can walk along its 800 meters long practically without meeting anyone.


Dog beach in Valencia. Hispania, escuela de español


Beaches for dogs in Valencia


Do you have dogs and want to take them to cool off and run on the beach?

Keep reading because we reveal some dog beaches in Valencia very popular.

  • Pinedo dog beach: There is an area that is reserved for dogs only June 15 to August 30.
  • Dog beach of Alboraya: In the southern part of the Port Saplaya beach you will find this small area for dogs to play and splash in the water.
  • Torre Santa Elvira beach: This area, located in the northernmost part of La Torreta, next to the Barranc del Puig, covers 100 meters in length and is duly signposted. 

If your dog wants to cool off and enjoy a dip to beat the heat, this canine beach of Valencia it is the perfect place!


Nudist beaches in Valencia


In Valencia there is also a place for nudist or naturist beaches.

If you are one of the people who likes to walk on the sand or dive into the water with your whole body exposed to the air, you can do it in certain beach areas in Valencia delimited for this purpose.

Some naturist beaches in Valencia The most famous are on the beach of L'Ahuir, El Saler, Mareny de San Llorenç, Pinedo and La Dehesa.

And that's all!

Now you know the best beaches in Valencia and the nearby towns.

If you're going to be around this summer, you know beautiful beaches of Valencia y nice beaches near Valencia what to go to

If, in addition to visiting fabulous beaches this summer, you feel like learning Spanish, we have a surprise for you.

We provide face-to-face Spanish courses o online Spanish courses en Hispania, escuela de español ideal for you.

Which of the aforementioned beaches attracts your attention the most?

Do you know other beaches in Valencia That you like?

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Article written by Carlos Martínez for Hispania, escuela de español.

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