Discover Valencia

The Albufera Natural Park

One of Valencia's natural treasures. In Albufera lagoon you will find both natureand culture, as well as, beach and forest landscapes. We'll enjoy a day of peaceful walks in nature, a visit to the beach and a boat trip on the lake.

Oceanografic of Valencia

One of the largest aquariums in Europe. Located within the complex of the City of Arts and Sciences, this attraction faithfully reproduces the most important marine ecosystems.

Tour: Historic Center of Valencia

Nothing better than a pleasant, guided tour through Valencia's historic centre to get to know the city. We'll visit the most important spots in the Valencian historic centre.

Tour: Jewish Valencia

We will learn where the old Valencian Jewish quarter was located. After the conquest of Jaime I, an important community developed in the city. We’ll retrace the history of the Jews in the city of Valencia by discovering the cities secret spots where Jewish influence can still be found today.

Tour: Valencia Underground

What do a civil war bomb shelter, an old warehouse and Visigoth ruins have in common? They're all underground! And that's where we'll need to go to learn about these places. We'll take an exciting underground tour revealing the hidden history of the city.

Excursion to Xátiva + Castle

Possibly the best preserved castle in the province of Valencia. From the castle, it's walls stretch down to hug the medieval town Xátiva. The castle is one of the cities treasures and with its impressive architecture, it has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest.

Excursion to Calpe + Peñón de Ifach

The "Peñón de Ifach" is the symbol of the Valencian coast. It emerges out of the sea like a towering rock. It is one of the most unique and beautiful spots on the entire Mediterranean coast. It's also one of the most visited natural areas, and a meeting point for divers, climbers and hikers.

Hemisfèric + Science Museum

Do you want to practice your Spanish in the most futuristic environment of the century? Are you ready to live a unique experience? Come with us!

Valencia from above: the Miguelete Tower

There's no better way to get to know a city than from above. From the Miguelete bell tower you can enjoy global and panoramic views over the entire city. You'll learn more about the history and urban development of Valencia.

Tour: Medieval Valencia

We'll visit important historical places and immerse ourselves in the "Golden Age" of Valencia. We'll learn about King Jaume I and observe the buildings that he ordered to be built more than XNUMX years ago.

Tour: Graffity and urban art

We'll visit the neighbourhood, Carmen and discover narrow streets and corners decorated with current and modern art. We'll get to know the key artists of the city and through their work we'll learn and understand characteristics of urban art that can't be found in museums.

Tour: Roman Valencia

Valencia was founded by the Romans in XNUMX BC as a retreat for victorious military troops in the Lusitanian Wars. These “brave men” lived in the city for hundreds of years and left us a legacy that we'll get to enjoy on the tour.

Beach: Night of San Juan

Fancy a magical night? Always happy to go to the beach? Well come with us, because Hispania, escuela de español will give you a night to remember.

Excursion to Peñíscola + Castle

A vast peninsula on which the Templar Knights built a castle for Pope Luna to retire in, making it one of the three papal venues in the world. We'll visit the castle and walk through its charming streets.

Biopark Valencia

An animal park designed under the concept of zoo-immersion. The incorporation of multi-species enclosures and depth of vision makes it possible to contemplate different spaces from the same point and allows you to enjoy a unique experience only appreciable in the wild.

Tour: Mysterious Valencia

Ghostly apparitions, mysteries, undeciphered stories, legends... Are you ready to see Valencia like you've never seen it before? This tour takes place in the middle of the night, when you can truly feel all the mystery and magic of the city has to offer.

Tour: Valencia Gardens

Our school is perfectly situated on the edge of the Jardines del Real and the Jardin del Monforte. We'll visit some of the most important parks and gardens in the city. We'll enjoy all the park has to offer by learning about the history of the gardens, as well as observing the plants and trees.

Tour: Modernist Valencia

An aspect of Valencia that isn't as well known, is its modern heritage. Modernism is an architectural style characterised by comprehensive design and the use of new and revolutionary materials such as glass or iron.

Tour: Muslim Valencia

During the Muslim rule in Spain, Valencia was called Balansiya. This period lasted until XNUMX, the year that Jaume I conquered the city. We'll explore secret spots on the Muslim wall and in the Admiral's baths that are also inspired by Arab culture.

Excursion to Sagunto

The glory reached by the city XNUMX years ago has left behind somespectacular monuments, such as a Roman Theatre. The theatre is still being used to this day forevents, a circus, the Foro or meetings which are held in the Castle, an aqueduct...At the time it was one of the most important cities in Roman Hispania.

Carcaixent: discovering oranges

We'll discover the history of the orange, its origins and its place within tradition in Valencia. We'll also discover and compare the architecture of original and modern, orange warehouses, and learn how oranges were handled and marketed since the end of the XNUMXth century up until today.

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