Kursy Przygotowawcze dla Nauczycieli Języka Hiszpańskiego Hispania, escuela de español

Professional Training Courses for Spanish Language Teachers

These are course-workshop where students learn the most innovative and  efficient teaching methods that Hispania’s teachers follow. These strategies are favourably received not only by ELE students, but also by Linguistic professionals.

The Pedagogicall System is based on learning through interaction, it is never just a theoretical course. The classes are focused on conversation, and student participation is essential. When the students of the Course for Learning how to be a Spanish Teacher finish the practical module in class, they have to put the learned knowledge into practice by teaching to ELE students under the  supervision of one of Hispania’s teachers.



The courses are divided in 3 Levels that correspond with the levels A, B, and C from the Marco Comun de referencia europeo. The course has 2 different formats:

  • Intensive Plus: it has a 2 week duration for each level, with 20 hours of lessons a week (4 hours from Monday to Friday). Students can take one, two or the three Levels (A, B, and C) depending on their preferences.
  • Extensive: it has a 10 week duration (/per level), with 4 hours of lessons a week. In this course all three Levels are given (A, B, and C).


Course subjects and objectives

  • Teaching grammar in levels A, B, and C.
  • Teaching vocabulary in levels A, B, and C.
  • Written comprehension and expression in levels A, B, and C.
  • Class games.


Assessment procedure

When the course is finished, the student will have to do two teaching practices as an ELE teacher where he/she will have to demonstrate mastery of the teaching srategies learned. Practicals will be monitored, assessed and corrected by the assigned teacher. The assessment criteria corresponds to the mastering of the teaching techniques of expression, oral comprehension and written expression and comprehension.

Types of courses according to weekly attendance

Extensive42 days per week10 weeks each lesson
Intensive Plus205 days per week
(2 classes per day)
2 weeks each lesson