Kursy Przygotowujące do Egzaminu Wstępnego na UNED, Hispania, escuela d español

Exam Preparation Course for University Access (PCE Exams)

Every year there are more and more students and agencies that recommend our school for the preparation of the Official Spanish University Entrance Exam, called SELECTIVIDAD. Our teachers are very carefully chosen. They all have to be University Degree teachers in each subject and have knowledge of Spanish as a foreign language. On the other hand, since we have a long tradition in teaching foreign students, we would never put together Spanish-speaking students with foreigners, because the learning process of specific subjects is different as we focus also on the written expression.

The SELECTIVIDAD exam consists of two phases:

The general phase is compulsory and includes 4 subjects:

  • Philological-linguistic comment of a text.
  • History of Spain,20th and 21st Centuries.
  • Second language: English.
  • A third subject to choose by the student depending on their University Degree choice.

The specific phase is only for raising marks. If this exam is failed, then the mark does not affect, it only affects positively, so it is only for raising a mark. We advise taking this phase only when the student has a minimum  level of high B2 in Spanish language.

The course can be prepared for taking the General phase, if the student doesn’t want to take the Specific phase, or for preparing the General and Specific phases. For students who have ” credencial”, it is possible as well doing only the “Fase Específica” in order to increase the mark and having more possibilities for choosing thier desired University Study.

The advantage of preparing the SELECTIVIDAD with us is that our school is specialized in teaching foreigners without knowledge of the Spanish language, so our classes have a double content: on the one hand the learning of the subject matter, and on the other hand, the perfect learning of our language. That is why our teachers are experts in both subjects. Furthermore, our groups are small, never more that 10 people in class.

The course also includes personalized Educational Consulting Service for each student. With this service, each student receives detailed information about studies and universities, doubts are clarified, they are advised on the best options, and Enrolment management help at the chosen university.
The Spanish Course for Entering University meets the requirements so that those non-EU students can apply for the Student Visa. Our school provides all the  information and documents needed for carrying out the procedure for the application for the Student Visa.


Number of Students:Maximum: 13
Average: 7
Duration:Minimum 20 weeks
Average 36 weeks
  Classes start:General phase: 2nd October 2017
Specific phase: 2rd October 2016, 9th January 2018