Online Spanish courses

Enjoy learning at your own pace from the comfort of your home with the Spanish course that best suits your needs

If you are interested in learning Spanish from the comfort of your home, our online courses they are the perfect option.

We offer a wide variety of resources and interactive exercises that will help you develop conversation skills and increase your vocabulary in a practical and enjoyable way.

En Hispania, escuela de español to ensure the quality of our courses, we have based ourselves on the standards established by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages.

This means that you will be able to follow a internationally recognized level progression y obtain certifications that support your level of Spanish proficiency.

We offer a wide variety of online courses.

For principleiantes, we offer programs designed to build basic conversation and vocabulary skills.

If you already have intermediate knowledge, our advanced courses will allow you to improve your grammar and listening comprehension.

We also have specialized courses in grammar and programs adapted to the Common European Framework of Reference as a foreign language.

In addition, we offer courses for daily use and professional approach, and advanced options and certifications.

Do not miss this opportunity to master Spanish.

Spanish group classes In our courses you will find learning resources that will allow you to acquire conversation skills in Spanish.

Through dialogues, pronunciation exercises and interactive activities, you will enhance your ability to express yourself and understand others in different communicative situations.

You will also share experiences with other students.ianyou from different parts of the world.

Private individual classes en Hispania, escuela de español we understand that each studentianYou have your unique learning pace.

That's why we offer private one-on-one classes with highly qualified virtual teachers, who will guide and support you throughout the learning process.

You will be able to advance at your own pace, reinforcing your skills and solving your doubts individually.

If you aim to get an official certification of your level of Spanish, Our online courses offer you the necessary preparation for the DELE exams y SIELE exam..

We have programs specially designed to cover the contents and skills required in the internationally recognized official Spanish exams.

Through study materials, practice tests, and mock exams, you will have the necessary tools to succeed in your assessments and obtain the desired certification.

Online courses for the access of our students to the higher education in Spain. PCE and EBAU preparation courses university entrance exams in Spain.

Spanish courses for children and teenagers where you learn Spanish enjoying yourself, besides choosing weekly the days and hours of your online classes

Spanish courses for families with children very varied classes, à la carte where all family members learn or improve their Spanish.

No waste more time and start your journey towards fluency in Spanish. Sign up for our online spanish courses for foreigners today!

General Spanish Online

General Groups

The Spanish course you'll need if you want to speak like a native. Group classes with other students from all over the world, from the comfort of your own home

Private classes

They are private online Spanish classes "à la carte", in which your teacher will focus on those aspects that you want or need to improve.

Online preparation for official Spanish exams


The online course you'll need to pass the DELE exam. With a very fast and intense learning pace, you will study the different language skills through previous exam models and exam simulations

SIELE exam

An intensive online course which will help you to quickly improve the 4 language skills required to pass the SIELE exam

Access to higher education in Spain

Online preparation for official exams for access to higher education: PCEs and EBAU

We help you prepare the Spanish university entrance exams from home. Choose the subjects you like and we will ensure your success

Families and children online

Spanish in group

Your child will learn Spanish at their own pace, you can choose the days and times of their online classes each week

Private classes

Online classes "à la carte" tailored to your children's needs, in which our teachers focus on the aspect of the language that they need to improve

Family Courses

Online classes "à la carte" tailored to your family's needs, in which our teachers focus on the aspect of the language that you need to improve

?Why study with Hispania Online

Maximum flexibility

Choose the online Spanish classes that you want to attend each week, the days and hours, and change them when you need to. We are the most flexible online Spanish school

Hispania MÉTODO

With more than 19 years of experience teaching Spanish! Our method is recognized by the most prestigious international institutions, such as the Cervantes Institute and EQUALS


The most praised school in the world. Winner of the most important awards in the sector, such as Super Star ST Star Awards


Native teachers trained in the Método Hispania. Teaching Spanish and putting smiles on students faces since 2002 <img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="" src=""> You can now learn Spanish online with them

Frequently Asked Questions

Our students say their knowledge of Spanish started to improve one week after starting their Spanish course at Hispania Online

However, we know that progress in learning a language depends on the circumstances of each student, so with the Método Hispania you can learn at your own pace without depending on the progress of the rest of the class. Thus, the classes are much more effective

Our prices are very competitive compared to other language schools. If you do not find what you want and you want a personalized quote, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at We would be very happy to help you

In the case of general Spanish courses, you can choose the duration of your course, so you can decide the number of hours and weeks you want to study. If you are interested in taking another course, you can check the duration in the description of the corresponding course that you can find on the web.

Thanks to the Método Hispania, if you are interested in studying a general Spanish course and you already have knowledge of Spanish, you can choose the starting date of your course. We are very flexible

!If you are a beginnet in Spanish, don't worry
Every Monday we open a new level of general Spanish for beginners, in which you can start studying Spanish at your own pace

In case you have a request about another course, don't hesitate to ask us the start date. We would be happy to let you know

Of course! However, keep in mind that the sooner you contact us and inform us of your preferences, the better we can adapt to them

No, you don't need to buy any textbooks. To learn Spanish effectively, the teacher will design the material that you will use in each class, so you will only need a notebook and a pencil to take notes. It's very easy 

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